‘Alien pod time capsule?’ Mysterious object washes up on NZ beach, baffling locals

A “washed up whale,” a “sea monster with dreadlocks” and a “beach Christmas tree” are just some of the guesses about a strange seaweed-covered object that washed up on a New Zealand beach. People are scratching their heads to explain what it is.

The large phenomenon was found on Muriwai Beach in Auckland by local resident Melissa Doubleday.

She posted photos of the strange barnacle covered object on the Muriwai & Waimauku Area Community Group Facebook page asking: “Just curious to know if anyone knows what this is??! Washed up on Muriwai Beach.”

I actually thought it was a washed up whale as I approached it, so weird,” Doubleday told stuff.co.nz.

The post was inundated with a variety of wild suggestions which ranged from a Maori canoe to a Rastafarian whale to the Predator from the eponymous Arnold Schwarzenegger film. “Alien Pod time capsule?” one person suggested.

Source: ‘Alien pod time capsule?’ Mysterious object washes up on NZ beach, baffling locals (PHOTOS) — RT Viral


  • Hi Daboo7, I saw the pic of the mass on the beach. I know what it is and you can varify in other ocean videos. This is a smoker broken off from deep ocean floor. The tube worms live on them as volcanic smoke comes out of them and these animals live off of bacteria made by the heat and minerals pouring out. There are other life that live on these smokers. I recognized them from a video I saw about the new discoveries on the bottom of ocean. I think Mariana trench. If you do a little research you will find this info.

  • Christine

    Would like updates. Coincidence . I think not. Read Obamas Executive order about, Eradicating any non native or alein speceies . Eggs spores etc.

  • M.

    It’s gotta be a chunk of seabed lava flows with ample gas filled pores. That alone, or coupled with dead decaying tubeworms either from disease or perhaps an extinct or dying volcano lifted a chunk of loose rock to the surface.

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