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Update:  Here is a list of items you can not bring. So I guess its naked wrestling time in Berkeley.

Where do I start? Is UCBerkeley really where the Alt media is going to die? Well let see, first let’s recap shall we.

Milo, The Twitter troll extraordinaire became the most electrifying and conTROLLversial man in media during the 2016 presidential election. His speaking events at various collage’s around the country 🇺🇸 quickly became target of liberal activist such as BLM, (Black Lives Matter) Antifa, a militant anti-fascist group that seems to be more like the actual fascist and a grazillion different feminist groups.  Milo then landed at UC Berkeley to speak for the Young Republicans group. To make this long story short, the liberal thugs mentioned above decided to attend and attack Milo supporters with bricks, sticks and mace they also destroyed many local businesses by smashing windows and looting.  

Fast forward to March 5, 2017. Trump is now President and his MAGA supporters from the east coast to the left coast celebrated by haveing march for Trump events in city’s across the USA 🇺🇸. Surprise, Berkeley is again at the heart of Left Vs Right and now taking a front seat in the battle for free speech.  This was also the birth of Based Stickman, a comic book style super hero similar to the ones you would find in the series KickAss™. Out of nowhere he came to inspire us all, this is how you fight back, right? Yes.

Lets digress slightly, the FedEx guy happened with out planning. This fella inspired people to stand up and he might even had something to do with the way Based Stickman was born. My short point is this, it was not a planned spectacle.
Back on track here, as Berkeley activist continued to challenge the Alt Right, their supporters and the media that is associated with them, it seems to have become a circus. Where Alt Media superstars are organizing their own event’s just to create a controversial situation. In my opinion, this is no different then the MSM lame stream fake news creating a story. When you have individuals such as Anne Coultre as a headliner you know its a set up. She is not Alt anything, she reps nobody from the “gutter”. She is a trap!

I am a huge supporter of these speaking events and gatherings, example: Mike Cernovich & MAGA3x started the “MAGA Meet Ups” to start person 2 person networking. They do these events in large city’s but they conceal the location till last minute to keep the controversial clashes to a minimum. Why can’t events like this be the norm? Why do people think getting a face full of mace is a revolutionary act? Or even the possibility of being tangled in this mess and creating legal issues. This all seems un necessary if you consider the bums of Antifa to begin with.

I will end with a plea, please Stop the “Berkeley

Showdowns” they are a trap, let’s network in the respectable fashion that generates a growing group of truthseekers & enlightened freedom fighters. And if the whacky weirdos in masks show up, handle that shit swiftly. Speak softly and carry an AR15.


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