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I don’t know what drove you here today, but welcome.

My name is Bobby D., I’m from West Georgia, in a small town in Metro-Atlanta.  I create content around the banner of “Whom It May”.

I began creating content, not exactly sure who I wanted to address.  I didn’t have demographic in mind, and I still don’t.  “Whom It May” was how I address the community, that I am learning everyday more and more about, but don’t think I will ever completely know.

You Can Find My Content on:


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iCitizenNews Whom It May Page


If you’d like to show you support you can share my content with your family/friends/loved ones or you can give at my Patreon Account

I also co-host a show with my brother on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm, The Scattered Smothered Experiment
Show: Scattered Smothered Experiment Every Thursday 7PM EST
Twitter: @SS_ExperimentTwitter



I also manage the iCitizenNews Soundcloud.  There you can find episodes available for listen or download of; The Independent Press Project, Zero Hour with ImMikeRobertson, The Scattered Smothered Experiment, Tech Talk LIVE, and Underground World News LIVE.


I will say that I am most active on Twitter By Far.  You can find many post with #WeAreConcerned Attached


Myself, and the rest at, work very hard to try and keep you updated with honest, and up to date material.

We are a community of live streamers, truth seekers, media junkies and news hounds, bound together by a shared core set of values: Love, Truth & Respect. #MuchLove &

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