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For those who do not know me, My name is Brian but most people know me as B Rich or just “B” from YouTube and Twitter.


I started on YouTube as an independent investigator, a truthseeker and truthsayer. At least that’s what I think I’m doing. It is not an easy game to play nor is it a fun one. It seems its easier to make enemy or make a fool of yourself before you make a following or even a buck.

So this is my Bio* here is where you will find all the ways to contact me, contribute or find out me current projects.


I work more then a full-time job in a not so glamorous steel industry, coach youth sports and then there is iCitizenNews.Net and my handful of YouTube channels. I rarely use them all, mostly because I don’t have time and Independent Citizen News and my B Rich channels take priority over video games and such. Last but not least I am the sole organizer of Independent Citizen Action Network, A not for profit emergency disaster relief group.


Below you will find all you could ever need to know about me, my work and how you contact and help.



My Patreon account is a per creation account. That means you will be charged for each creation. It will be a once a month conference call. A round table of like minded people and it will help with planning and budgeting future live events. $3 a month


PayPal is always the easiest and fastest way. If I am on the road this is the method to go with.


@B_Rich33NO Twitter

– Independent Citizen News Facebook Page:

Web Site:

Independent Citizen Action Network

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  • Nicole

    Its good to see good people still around to show how it is…my mom said we need more good guys like you so stay safe and keep GOD with you…bye

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