Content Id – YouTube’s Tool That Steals AdRev & Ignores The Fair Use Clause.

As many YouTubers know, ‘Content Id’ is an algorithm based tool that scans content while it is uploaded looking for copyright infringement and correcting it by diverting monetization to its listed owner. Now this algorithm don’t work alone, copyright claims can be submitted by the owner also. In many cases you can request a review and it will be overturned but most it is not.  As an example this video by YouTube channel ‘Extra Mayo’

He makes a video under the fair use clause for the purpose of criticism. While he never plays this video entirely through he does in fact edit his way through to provide a thorough explanation of the video in question.

This video had a claim attached and monetization diverted to ‘The Hollywood Fix’ a paparazzi outlet. 

YouTube has become very creator unfriendly and allows very few to take advantage of the mass of YouTube. As creator we should start a collaborative effort to take back YouTube and restore in it our favor. How? I don’t know, but we can agree it needs don’t. And as far as PattyMayoTV goes, he filed an appeal and LOST!

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