Discovery of 5,000-Year-Old ‘Billboard’ Containing A Cosmic Message

Near the Egyptian village of El-Khawy, archaeologists have discovered the oldest billboard known to man.

Pregnant Elephant Courtesy of Yale University

The very large hieroglyphs give scientist an idea of how they invented their unique writing system.

The Egyptian antiquities ministry announced the discovery on June 22nd.

The team from Yale, that made the disovery, found another carving shoowing a herd of elephants, created sometime between 4000 B.C. and 3500 B.C.  One of the elephants in the image is a depicted to be pregnant with a calf.

Another had a more political image which showed a Bulls head at the end of staff, which in the time period and region would have symbolized the royal power.

The, “inscription was visible to travelers going to and from the early city of Elkab.” said John Darnell

John Darnell, of Yale University, : Courtesy of Yale University

This unlike our modern, ‘Billboards’.

John Darnell was the co-director of the expedition from Yale and the Royal Museums of Art and History, in Brussels.  The expedition team worked in collaboration with the Egyptian antiquities ministry.

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