Ex-RNC Steele “Trump Wont Finish Term”

Former RNC chairman told the West Wing Reports (WWR) that President Donald Trump will not finish his term, advised client to “bolster” ties with the VP Mike Pence. According to the WWR Twitter account https://twitter.com/WestWingReport/status/847635937995612160


So what conspiracy should we entertain? Its been said that President Trump will resign, but that seems unlikely to happen without some mob style motivation. I have yet to see him commit any act of treason to force his removal and last and the most obvious yet terrifying assassination. This is normally how the political elite handle politicians that stand in the way of globalism. It’s no secret that The Donald has made many enemy’s within the elite class including the likes of Warren Buffett, George Soros, Zuckerburg and the script writers for MSM and Hollywood. That’s only to name a few, so with all that money being tossed around by motivated NWO shot callers and an army of human drones loyal and hellbent on chaos.


This is developing and will be updated if more information comes available or deleted if proven false.

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