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Did you ever think that something that took place thousands and thousands of miles away could influence you and your family? From personal experience, I’ve learned that most people don’t worry about natural disasters that occur across the ocean. Most people either think that if it’s not happening in their backyards it’s not their problem. It’s a terrible mind set to have but that’s just how it is. My goal is to raise awareness that it does matter. We’re all here on this earth together and everything that happens effects all of us.

March 11th 2011 Fukushima Diaichi prefecture located in Okuma, Japan prefecture endured a 9.0 earth which resulted in a massive tsunami that devastated the land and killed 15,000 people along with what caused one of the worst environmental disaster in human history FUKISHMA.

The tsunami disabled the emergency generators resulting three reactors to meltdown causing an explosion releasing nuclear material into the Pacific. A fourth reactor also suffered damaged a few days after on March 15th 2011. Now there is around 300 tons of radioactive water being dumped into The Pacific Ocean Daily. 530 Sieverts per hour. Only 4 Sieverts could kill a hand full of people. So, to imagine 530?! Let’s put it this way the radioactive chemicals are so strong that one of the highest tech and sophisticated robots that technology has to offer cannot last more than hour at the facility, because of this the source cannot be sealed and the deadly toxins are continuing to be leaked to this day six years later.  Where’s Mr. Elon Musk on this one?

Knowing this would you eat fish that came from the Pacific? Would you eat it knowing it was farmed around the vicinity?  Think about it. Where do you buy your fish? If you’re like me I always go to frozen section and pick up some fish that’s vacuumed sealed induvial normally costing around $10.00 for two pounds.   Or I’ll go down the can isle and pick some tuna up not even thinking twice. I never thought to check the back of the package to see where its being produced from. Why would I? You would think that if there’s a problem it wouldn’t be on the shelf, right? Wrong. It wasn’t until I came across a news clip from Fox news, which was only a few months ago, that got my head thinking. So, I went back to few local stores and literally checked all frozen fish packages. I’m sure everyone thought I was crazy but that’s beside the point. I wanted to know! And now I want you and everyone you know to know. I found that almost every package came from the Asian Pacific coast, or the Alaskan Pacific coast. I was disgusted, angry and confused on why this is happening. I don’t have the answers as to why they allowing this or selling this contamination as edible.  Even if they say it’s not that bad, I don’t agree. It is that bad and it will get worse. My advice is to steer clear of Pacific fish all together. Which absolutely is crazy because this should have never of happened to begin with. Why would you build a nuclear facility in an earthquake zone to begin with let alone in the middle of the ocean?  It blows my mind.

Japanese officials stated that it would cost an estimated 300 Billion and four decades to clean up this mess. However, I have yet to find a plan on how they intend to clean it up. They can’t even stop the leak.

Know your ocean, know where your food is coming from, know what is happening on this earth. It matters more than you think.

50% of the oxygen from photosynthesis is produced by the ocean

44% of Earth’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast

90% of international trade travels by sea

95% of the ocean is unexplored

90% of heat from global warming has been absorbed by the ocean

Food for thought. Literally.

Amy Michelle


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