North Korea Postponed Plans of Missile Attack of Guam

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un said he was postponing the planned missile strike near Guam, but warned he would shoot if there were still “reckless actions” from the United States, AFP quoted FOCUS as saying.

Analysts believe that Kim Jong Un’s comments open the way for de-escalation of the growing crisis that has been fed by the exchange of sharp replicas between the White House and Pyongyang.
The DPRK state news agency said the chief had received a briefing on “Guam’s firefighting plans” during an inspection of the Strategic Forces Command, responsible for the nation’s nuclear weapons.
Kim Jong Un adds about the United States that “if they persist in their extremely dangerous and reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula, then the DPRK will take action as it has already been announced.”


Source: Novinite

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