Seth Rich – All Roads Lead To Nowhere. 

Timeline of events:

  • That Saturday evening on July 9th 2016, the DNC staffer went out alone to Lou’s City Bar, a local pub that he frequented several nights a week.  The time he spent here is unknown, his arrival and departure times have been reported with inconsistency. Reports say he left at closing between 1:30 / 1:45 am July 10th.

    It is suggested that Police have not interviewed the staff or patrons

  • He wanted to go out drinking more at a bar down the street called Wonderland. Bar staff did not recognize his photo. No one has came forward stating he went there. This is also speculation, he was a Lous alone remember. 

    It is unclear if Rich ever showed up at Wonderland, which closed at 2:30 that night, Bar staff did not recognize his photo.

  • He was on the phone with his girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka, 25, in the minutes before his shooting at 4:19 a.m
  • He had been shot twice in the back, but was still alive. 

    Nothing appeared to be stolen from him and he still had his watch, wallet and cell phone

  • Rich was reportedly very talkative with police and paramedics, and many were surprised when he died about two hours later at the “Unknown” hospital from blood loss.  

    Cause of death is speculation, no official report or even the name of hospital has been released.

In this article dated July 11, one day after the murder police told reporters the murder was not a robbery but in the same article Joel Rich (father) said police said it was a botched robbery.

Blood loss death post op is not uncommon but it is specific to injury, for example, severing the aortic artery or major organ such as stomach, liver or heart.

Reports that police heard the shots are conflicting with reports that they where notified by “shot spotter” gun shot detection system.

The hospital that has been reported to have treated Mr. Rich in his last hours is MedStar Hospital, not official statement to back that claim has been released. It would make far more sense that EMS take Mr. Rich to Howard University Hospital. HUH has a level 1 trauma unit more than capable to handle Seth’s injury. Its notable to add that Medstar is more than twice the distance than HUH.

Howard University Hospital 3 minute from scene.

MedStar is 7 minutes.
Some info Sourced from Daily Mail


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