The Masks We Wear

A Blog on Self Discovery

I believe many of us have pondered our existence here on this planet many times. Why are we here? What is my purpose? We have been molded and shaped, like a potter does with clay, by our life experiences. Some for the good and others for the bad. I wholeheartedly think that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. It took me many years to come to this conclusion. And there are days I still struggle with the concept. When I say “spiritual” I am not placing this into a religious practice. I have never liked to put myself into any box. Labels are confining and divisive. My definition of spirit is the very essence of who we are. Energetically and soulfully. To me, it transcends any boundaries that have been placed on the word by people or religious institutions.

When we are born, our spirit is pure, untainted, curious and receptive to all this world brings to the table. Through the years, we slowly learn what is acceptable and what is not. We resort to people pleasing and hiding our true selves under different masks in order to feel accepted. In order to feel “normal”. As time goes by, the number of masks grow exponentially. A mask to wear out in public. A mask to wear at work. Even a mask to wear with our loved ones. One of the few times all masks come off are rare moments of authenticity that surface from extreme duress or profound jubilation. You see, I am an adept mask wearer. My 43 years on this planet have taught me well for my craft. Hiding my emotions and thoughts from others. Playing the game, so to speak, in order to not offend or be frowned upon. It was not until recently that I started to acknowledge these masks. Their job is to block us not only from our true selves but to hide us from others. Until we can be honest inside we will not be able to remove them. We will not be able to be authentic and sensitive. Not sensitive in an annoying, whiny way. But sensitive to our own wants and needs. Sensitive to the pain of others. Sensitive to the world around us. We are all connected. No man is an island. We may like to delude ourselves into thinking the opposite, but one action causes a ripple effect throughout

My point in saying all this is to encourage whoever is reading this to take off the masks. One by one. Everyday. As long as it takes to finally just be you. In all your glory and awkwardness and truth. In those moments you will find it will not only heal you but anyone you come in contact with. There’s a freedom in speaking the truth in love. A freedom to letting it all hang out. Let the motivation to become your authentic self be from a place of unconditional love. One that will not judge or put expectations on the outcome. Live in the present moment without worry of the past or future. For we are only given this very moment in time. Nothing else is promised. By letting go of fear, we will be able to come into the flow of the Universe and watch how beautiful the unfolding will be. Opportunities and situations that you never thought were possible will start to come to you. People placed in your path to challenge you to grow or just love you as you are.

The time has come to be our true self. To find the purpose we have been put on this earth to fulfill. Don’t let your false perceptions of self deter you from finding it. Live life without fear. Without the masks. Break free from the chains we have put on ourselves. You have held the key this whole time. Self love first. Then it can flow to others and heal them as well. It won’t be easy.

Trust me, I know. I am walking this out every day. Who wants to join me? Love and light to those who were meant to read this.

Paola L

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