Vegetarian Rules

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By: Paola L


It’s been a little over two years since I made the decision to eat a vegetarian diet. The impetus behind it wasn’t an extreme desire to throw paint at fur wearing celebrities, as most media has depicted us, but from a health conscious standpoint.


I have a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease. Prior to my decision, I suffered from high blood pressure and general exhaustion. I never had a strong penchant for meat to begin with, so the transition wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. The biggest challenge I faced was eating out at restaurants. Although many establishments have become more cognizant of the growing health trends, finding something not dipped in beef was daunting. In addition to this, I still cook meals for my family with meat. Limiting my choices drastically.


But I was determined to take control of my health and stick to it. After just six months, my blood pressure was normal, bloodwork was in the healthy ranges and my general feeling was much better than before.


While only about 3 percent of the population is vegetarian/vegan, many people are deciding to eat less meat on a regular basis. With the ambiguity of our meat sources and increased concern about antibiotic resistance, the move seems viable. We are now asking what’s in the “food” that is consumed rather than blindly accepting that everything we buy is appropriate for consumption.


I realize most who read this may scoff and say that they are hard core carnivores……that they have no desire to eat a diet void of their loved protein. To that I say, enjoy! I’m not here to bash your eating habits over your head and make you try tofu. I simply want to present the idea, plant the seed, of trying something new.


Make Monday meatless. Pick out an eggplant and make a lasagna. Expand your vegetable horizons a bit. I’ve discovered many new foods I never knew I liked on my journey. You can tailor your diet to your liking. Keep eating cheese and eggs….or not. The beauty of vegetarian rules is the irony. There are no rules. Take a step in the direction of health consciousness and see how much better you can feel. I’m truly glad I did.


Love and light.


Paola L

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